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Saturday, 17 October 2020

Navarathri / Navratri First Day Goddess Story

Navratri /Navarathri First day belongs to Goddess Shailaputri. Let me tell you her Story first :

When Prajapati conducted a yagna, he welcomed all the divine beings in it, not Lord Shiva. Sati wanted to go to the yagna. Shivji said that all the heavenly beings had been welcomed, not them. In such a circumstance, it doesn't fit to go there. Seeing Sati's solid solicitation, Shankarji permitted her to go to the yagna. At the point when Sati arrived at home, just her mom gave her warmth. There was a feeling of mockery and criticism among the sisters. 

There is additionally an inclination of nauseating towards Lord Shankar. Daksha likewise made unfavourable words towards him. This event caused Sati sorrow. She was unable to hold up under the insult of her significant other and consumed herself by yoga. Because of this, Lord Shankar, upset by distress, did the penance of that yagna. This Sati was conceived in the next life as the girl of Shailraj Himalaya and called Shailputri. 

Goddess' structure - Durga is first venerated as Shailputri, and she was named Shailputri after being conceived there as a girl in the Himalayas. Let me reveal to you that her vehicle is Taurus, so this goddess is otherwise called Vrisharuedha.

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